The First Post

With apologies to Laurel and Hardy, we welcome you to Another Fine Mesh, Pointwise’s new blog about mesh generation, computational fluid dynamics and all things related (and some things not).

Our goal for the blog is to create a forum for conversations about computer aided engineering and how it impacts us and you.  We plan to share ideas and opinions about computer hardware and software, industry events, and personalities.  Yes, we’ll also write about what we’re doing, where we’re going, and what we’re thinking.  And we want to hear your thoughts on all of it.

Hopefully, we’ll all learn something from the conversation – or at least be entertained.  In order to ensure the blog remains conducive to those goals, our policy regarding posts is this: we invite everyone to comment, but we’ll simply delete without debate any comment we find offensive or inappropriate.  The golden rule is this: if you wouldn’t say it to my mother, don’t write it here.

Thanks in advance for your participation.  Be sure to subscribe via the RSS feed.  If you have comments, complaints, or questions don’t hesitate to email them to

And for our part, we’ll do our best to follow Stan Laurel’s advice to Oliver Hardy: if we must make a noise we’ll do so quietly.

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