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Tecplot Chorus

Tecplot announced the third-quarter availability of Tecplot Chorus, a new software tool for assessing hundreds or thousands of CFD solutions simultaneously.  Tecplot Chorus is called the first “simulation analytics” tool for CFD with the goal of identifying trends across multiple analyses while also providing insight into the underlying fluid mechanics.

Symscape May 2011 Newsletter

Symscape published their newsletter for May 2011 including a preview of the upcoming release of Caedium v3 and their free library for adding GPU support to OpenFOAM.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation Explains Stock Car Drafting

There’s a new post on the SolidWorks blog with a video explaining how drafting works in stock car racing.   The video presents a CFD solution computed with SolidWorks Flow Simulation and a longer version of the video is available if you choose to register.

  • Video of a SolidWorks flow simulation of stock cars

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