This Week in CFD

CFD at P&G

An engineering section head for modeling and simulation at Proctor & Gamble gave the keynote presentation at the NAFEMS World Congress in Boston.  While the oft-quoted tale of CFD for a potato chip was repeated, P&G’s unique issues regarding simulation data management were cited.  While some companies can earn $1 billion by selling one submarine, P&G has to sell 7 billion items to earn the same amount of income.   Manufacturing that many items in a year places quite a burden on the effective use of modeling and simulation.

CFDer to Head AeroAstro at MIT

Dr. Jaime Peraire, author of the widely used FELISA CFD codes, has been named the new head of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT effective July 1st.

FOAMpro 2.0 Released

FOAMpro 2.0, a CFD toolset based on open-source technology, was released by ICON.


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