This Week in CFD

No More All-CFD for Virgin Racing

Virgin Racing’s all-CFD approach to Formula 1 race car design was noble, but their lack of success has been notorious.  After two years of troubles, the team first parted ways with technical director Nick Wirth and now will cease relying 100% on CFD for developing their cars.

Autodesk and a CAE Office

With all the CAE software it’s recently acquired, including the CFD software from Blue Ridge Numerics, Autodesk’s long range plans for this suite of tools could produce a “Microsoft Office” for engineering analysis.

Flow Science in Japan

Flow Science opened a Tokyo office for sales and support of their FLOW-3D CFD software.

CFD++ and Powerwulf

Metacomp Technologies and PSSC Labs worked together to port Metacomp’s CFD++ to Powerwulf Clusters and Servers with the goals of reducing software development time and increasing response rates for support issues.

CFD Internships at University of Hawaii

Ten students from universities around the country including two in Texas have started a 10-week summer internship in computational fluid dynamics at the U. of Hawaii.  The students will be using an open-source CFD solver to model tsumani, pin-fin arrays, and molecular dynamics.


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