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Italian software company KARALIT announced the free downloadable release of their new KARALIT CFD software which utilizes what they call the Immersed Mesh method.  They claim to have virtually eliminated the time required for preprocessing by utilizing a hyperbolic body fitted grid in the near-body regions.

Jackson Pollock – Experimental Fluid Dynamicist?

Jackson Pollock, Untitled, 1948-1949 - via

Researchers at Harvard University studying fluid free jet instabilities have observed that abstract painter Jackson Pollock was experimenting with inertial, gravitational, and viscous coiling of his dripped paint long before the scientific community began studying those phenomena.  Quoting from the article cited below, “We are all students of nature, and so was Pollock. Often, artists and artisans are far ahead, as they push boundaries in ways that are quite similar to, and yet different from, how scientists and engineers do the same.”

Altair HyperWorks 11

Altair announced the release of their HyperWorks 11 CAE software suite including the addition of CFD software AcuSolve and NURBS-based 3D modeling and viz software solidThinking.  Altair claims that HyperWorks is now the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE suite available.

Spatial Announced New 3D Geometry Kernel

While not this isn’t strictly CFD news, Spatial (the ACIS people) announced the release of CGM, the 3D geometry kernel behind CATIA V5 and V6.  Calling it the first new 3D kernel in over a decade, Spatial says it will provide the basis for CATIA-compatible applications as well as SolidWorks V6 which is said to be CGM-based.

Fluid Dynamics in the News

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