This Week in CFD

SpaceClaim Interview

SpaceClaim’s Blake Courter describes to blogger Ray Kurland how SpaceClaim helps FEA and CFD analysts with their geometry modeling needs.  Here’s a quote: “Our goal is to get geometry exactly where you need it to — to your mesher. The folks who really know simulation know how their geometry needs to look to make best use of their meshing and analysis software.”

Symscape July Newsletter

Symscape published the July edition of their newsletter including more news about features in the upcoming Caedium v3.

Numeca Users Meeting

Numeca International announced that their 7th International User Meeting will be held 15-16 November 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.

BRL-CAD 7.20.2 Released

The latest release of open-source solid modeling system BRL-CAD includes upgrades to geometry conversion, rendering, and tessellation.

Meshes IRL

We’re used to seeing meshes in our computer but here are two examples where meshes and models appear in real life.

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