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FLOW-3D Version 10.0 Released

Flow Sciences announced the release of Version 10.0 of FLOW-3D, their CFD software known for its special capabilities for free-surface flows.  Version 10.0 includes new capabilities in the areas of fluid-structure interaction, thermal stress evolution, solidification shrinkage, and granular flow, among many others.

FieldView 13 on Graphic Speak

The Graphic Speak blog posted about Intelligent Light’s recent release of FieldView 13, their CFD visualization and post-processing software.  A pre-release user is quoted as saying that this new release makes post-processing CFD results from FLOW-3D much easier including a 50-fold decrease in file size.

Reducing Wind Turbine Noise

Researchers at Penn State University and Intelligent Light are working together to adapt technology originally designed to help keep helicopters quiet to do the same for wind turbines.  Intelligent Light’s contribution is a special version of their FieldView CFD software that has been modified under a NASA small business innovation research contract while Penn State contributes their aeroacoustic software, aptly named PSU-WOPWOP.

  • article in Mechanical Engineering (scroll down to heading “Wind Songs”)

Instrumented Servers Help Make Data Center CFD More Accurate

Intel participated in a CFD study in which the addition of temperature sensors to its chips used in servers was shown to improve the accuracy of CFD simulations of data center thermal management.  With estimates showing that 20% of the cooling capacity of data centers is wasted, more accurate CFD simulations can give data center operators the insight they need to cool equipment as efficiently and cheaply as possible.

Fluid-Thermal-Structure Simulation of Re-entry Heating

Dutch researchers used the CFD code Lore from Delft University of Technology to simulate the fluid and thermal environment around the EXPERT test capsule and coupled those results to an FEA simulation of the capsule’s structure as part of a validation effort of the capsule’s thermal protection system.

No Time for Interns

There’s an unattributed maxim that old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time.  Harvard Business Review seems to be saying something similar in Nobody Has Time for Interns in which they advise you to bring something more to the table than vim and vigor.  (Although, if you’re getting the mushroom treatment from your employer perhaps that’s a sign that you might seek permanent employment elsewhere.)  I’ve shared this with our interns – perhaps you can share it with yours.

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