How Many Monitors Does It Take to Make a CFD Mesh?

Taking the meaning of large CFD meshes in a completely new direction, someone at Pointwise created this 4-monitor setup at home for running Pointwise at 3,200 x 2,100 pixel resolution.

It seems like nearly everyone has a 2-monitor setup these days (except me – I use a 15 inch laptop).  If you have cool multi-monitor setup, send a photo of it with Pointwise running and I’ll post it here.  Email your photo to

Pointwise at 3,200 x 2,100 Resolution

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2 Responses to How Many Monitors Does It Take to Make a CFD Mesh?

  1. cesar says:

    impressive setup… seems it is a linux box running the gnome 3 which specs? how much ram? hard drives?? ATI or Nvidia GPU?

  2. Chris Sideroff says:

    It runs Ubuntu 10.10 (64-bit) which I believe uses Gnome 2.32. The displays are powered by two Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 video cards each with two DVI ports. To configure four displays in a unified desktop you need to configure each screen with its own Xserver and then use Xinerama to stitch and orient them all together. I did it by hand in the xorg.conf but you can use the nvidia-settings GUI as well.

    Computer specs: Intel Core i7 820 (@3.5Ghz), 8GB RAM, 2 x Nvidia GeForce Gtx 260 (w/ 768MB RAM) and 1TB hard disk.

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