This Week in CFD

Autodesk Simulation CFD Released

Autodesk announced the release of Autodesk Simulation CFD, built upon the CFD capabilities of recently acquired Blue Ridge Numerics.  (A notice at Blue Ridge’s states “CFdesign is Now Autodesk Simulation CFD.) This latest release features enhanced integration with Autodesk Inventor Fusion and “one-click simulation” which allows CAD engineers to setup a simulation with a single mouse click.

Next Limit Released RealFlow 2012

Next Limit Technologies released RealFlow 2012, the latest version of their CFD software for the visual effects industry.  This latest release includes dripping water, foam generation, and improved control of the fluid surface.

Students Recognized for Work on Supersonic Inlet

NASA rewarded University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign aerospace engineering graduate students Michael Rybalko and Thomas G. Herges with the High Potential Group Award for their work on a supersonic inlet model to be tested at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.  Rybalko’s contribution to the project was a CFD study of vortex generators using the government CFD code WIND-US.

CD-adapco Opened a New Detroit Office

CD-adapco moved their Plymouth, Michigan office to a new, larger space in Northville that includes amenities such as a larger training space and office space for customers to work alongside CD-adapco engineers.

Applications & Webinars

  • Tecplot 360 was part of a CFD study that showed how biotelemetry tags could adhere to a dolphin’s fin by hydrodynamic force, possible eliminating the need to pierce the fin.
  • A new teardrop-shaped tractor trailer designed with CFD hopes to improve on an 11.3% fuel savings.
  • From nukes to diapers: Los Alamos’ CFDlib goes from ensuring the reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons to helping P&G save billions manufacturing diapers.
  • An RC model race car enthusiast simulated their performance using CFD.
  • Concepts NREC will be hosting a webinar on 25 August about recent improvements to their Pushbutton CFD technology.
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