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Altair to Integrate FieldView with AcuSolve

Altair Engineering announced that they will integrate Intelligent Light’s FieldView 13 CFD post-processing software with Altair’s AcuSolve CFD solver.  The HyperWorks version of FieldView, to be known as AcuFieldView, is based on IL’s lastest release of FieldView with an improved user interface.

Worldwide CAE Market is $6.5B and Growing at 12%

01consulting announced a new report of the global mechanical computer aided engineering market (MCAE) that pegged the market at $6.5 billion dollars with a compound annual growth rate of 12%.  The top players in the market are ANSYS, MathWorks, MSC.Software, Dassault Systemes, Siemens PLM, ESI, Autodesk, CD-adapco and Altair in that order.

Commentary: In 2004 another market research firm pegged the CAE market at $2.1 billion dollars also growing at 12%.   To get to $6.5 billion, the market would’ve had to grow faster than 12%.  Either that or the estimate of the market size then (or now) is off.  Regardless, assuming these numbers are remotely correct, a 12% growth rate is not bad.  Back in 2005 the CFD market was predicted to grow at 18%, faster than the overall CAE market.  I have no idea whether that number is remotely accurate.


Reaction Design announced that CHEMKIN-CFD, their software for simulating chemical reactions in flows, has been optimized for the ANSYS FLUENT 13 CFD solver.  This optimized version speeds time to solution through the addition of Reaction Design’s proprietary algorithms.  CHEMKIN-CFD is available to ANSYS FLUENT users at no charge.

Amazon and CFD – A Match Made in the Cloud

AeroDynamic Solutions used Amazon’s cloud computing service to perform an unsteady turbomachinery CFD simulation of a 1.5 stage turbine in only 3 days and $1,000 and the unsteady results revealed phenomena missed by a steady solution.

  • article from AeroDynamic Solutions’ The Flow newsletter

Call for Papers: CFD in Modelling and Simulation

The journal of Modelling and Simulation in Engineering has issued a call for papers for CFD and its Applications 2012, an issue devoted to use of CFD for both pure and applied industrial applications including new numerical models, algorithms, and novel topics.   Manuscripts are due 9 December 2011.

STAR American Conference Videos Now Online

CD-adapco has made available online twelve videos of presentations from the STAR American Conference 2011 including CFD Modeling of a Submersible by Minyee Jiang from the Naval Surface Warfare Center and From CAD to Post-Processing in STAR-CCM+ by Ali Khawaja and Bill Jester from CD-adapco.

  • STAR American Conference 2011 videos (registration required)


  • North South Yachting’s newest racing yacht, the Salona 38, features improved keel hydrodynamics through the use of CFD simulations.
  • Aeroacoustics of the Lexus 250h were simulated using CFD to identify and mitigate noise sources.

Dynamic Water Repellency

Georgia Tech researchers used high speed video to record 240 hours of dogs and other animals shaking their fur dry to gain insight into droplet dispersion that might eventually help washing machines, spray coatings, and similar industrial applications.

EnSight Ideas Center

CEI has developed the online EnSight Ideas Center where they are soliciting ideas for how to improve EnSight, their CFD post-processing software.

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability

When a fluid of higher density settles on top of a fluid of lower density the resulting mixing is called Rayleigh-Taylor instability.  Here are a couple video simulations of this phenomena from Algorithmic Worlds.

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