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Engineer vs. Designer

If you prefer your CAD and CAE news more on the zany side, check out the bi-weekly Engineer vs. Designer podcast.  Your hosts will be Adam O’Hern from and Josh Mings from  With each episode they bring news, tips, and a special guest.

Autodesk’s Project Vasari

Project Vasari from Autodesk Labs is a design tool for buildings that includes analysis capability such as CFD of the airflow around building exteriors.   (Giorgio Vasari was an Italian architect, 1511-1574.)  The CFD capabilities are known as the Ecotect Wind Tunnel and employs what Autodesk calls “simplified computational fluid dynamics.”

Five Ways SpaceClaim Boosts CFD Productivity

SpaceClaim provides a video in which they offer five ways in which their software will boost your CFD productivity.  Quoting (almost verbatim) from the video:

  1. Fast, simple and intuitive modeling tools let you create 3D models with unmatched speed and accuracy.
  2. Working with other CAD systems and 3D neutral files is a breeze.
  3. SpaceClaim gives you the ability to easily defeature and simplify your model.
  4. Creating a fluid volume around the geometry for external fluid studies is fast and easy.
  5. SpaceClaim automatically creates internal fluid volumes for you after you select the inlets and outlets.

Other News

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