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Tecplot Chorus Released

Calling it the creation of a new product category for engineering analysis, Tecplot announced the production release of Tecplot Chorus. By combining visualization with simulation data management, postprocessing, and metadata analysis, Chorus is claimed to be the first simulation analytics tool.

The goal of simulation analytics is the simultaneous data-mining and display of large numbers of CFD simulations to identify trends and provide insight, hopefully allowing engineers to make better decisions faster.

Two Upcoming OpenFOAM Events

Two potentially interesting events are on the horizon for the OpenFOAM community.

SGI, recent acquirers of OpenFOAM shop OpenCFD Ltd., will present Committed to OpenSource. Designed to Work Together at the Open Source CFD International Conference 2011 to be held on 4-5 November in Chantilly, France.

The 1st Australian OpenFOAM Users Group has been scheduled to meet on 23 November 2011 at the Clayton Campus of Monash University.

News, Notes, and Jobs

  • CEI Software, makers of the EnSight family of CFD postprocessors, has revamped their website.
  • The 3-year TERRIFIC project for the advancement of computational tools through the use of isogeometric analysis was launched.
  • Schneider Electric’s new data center infrastructure management software includes “instant CFD airflow view.”
  • Here’s an open position for a CFD engineer in the oil and gas business in the UK.
  • And here’s an open position for a CFD engineer in the nuclear business in Maryland.
  • Finally, a CFD position is available in Glasgow in oil & gas and shipbuilding.

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