This Week in CFD

CD-adapco Released STAR-CCM+ v6.06

The new STAR-CCM+ v6.06 release from CD-adapco promises to improve turnaround with faster polyhedral meshing and improved CAD readers and broaden the scope of applications with multiphase flow and LES combustion.

Dual 2D/3D Computer Display

Fujitsu announced the launch of the first professional, dual 2D/3D display. The P23T-6 FPR 3D display targets CAD/CAE professionals who need a 23 inch desktop monitor and a 3D display for viewing and sharing complex graphics applications.

Red Bull Formula 1 Drives to Victory with FieldView

Red Bull Formula 1 racing won the 2011 constructor’s and driver’s championships. With 80% of their aero design work done via CFD, Red Bull relies on Intelligent Light’s FieldView software to automate and streamline the extraction of engineering data from huge CFD data sets.

Applications and New Releases

  • CFD was used in this study the effect of impingement plates on heat exchangers.
  • Version 7.20.4 of BRL-CAD, the open source solid modeling package, was released.
  • A CFD blog in Portuguese: Mec. Flu., CFD and HPC
  • You need to be an M.D. to understand this but apparently CFD was used to predict flow and pressure in coronary arteries to ultimately produce “lesion-specific fractional flow reserve.”
  • CFD is used to help design a wind tunnel built to help validate CFD.
  • Bombardier’s CSeries’ aerodynamic performance was validated using both CFD and wind tunnel testing.
  • This online, interactive Java application computes a wing’s lift coefficient using a discrete vortex Weissinger method.

High Speed Bubble Photographs

Click for or more of these cool photos by Heinz Maier

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