This Week in CFD

Tecplot 360 2011 Updated

Tecplot released a major update of their Tecplot 360 2011 CFD postprocessing software.  Enhancements are concentrated in performance improvements including a 2x speed-up of animations over previous versions of the software, a 10x speedup in font rendering, and a 5x speed-up in “time to first image.”

Misconceptions About Good Meshes

From the CAE Watch blog comes the article “Top 5 misunderstandings on (good) mesh” which includes #5 “Good mesh must have large node/cell count.” The author points out that what’s important is getting the answers that are good enough for your project.  So sometimes fewer points is better.

FLOW-3D/MP v4.2 Released

Flow Sciences released FLOW-3D/MP v4.2, the distributed memory version of their CFD product. This new release utilizes MPI and OpenMP on as many as 256 cores with speed-ups of up to 60x.

News From Intelligent Light

In their latest email newsletter (registration required), Intelligent Light outlines some of the latest advances in their FieldView 13 CFD postprocessing software including transient dataset reduction by a factor of 286, a direct OpenFOAM reader, and more.

Jobs, Applications, and Notes

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  1. Cesar says:

    I enjoy reading every Friday your posts “This Week in CFD”. But my favorite post is the one you blog about your SGI machines. Maybe once a month, you could post more tibits of your company, if possible.


  2. John Chawner says:

    Hi Cesar. That sounds like a great idea. The trick is finding the time. I have a new-found respect for bloggers who write good posts every day. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do more of that in the future. Thanks for your readership.

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