This Week in CFD

Next Generation FloEFD

Mentor Graphics announced the release of the next generation version of their FloEFD CFD software. This latest release includes models for combustion and ionization, new models for radiation and other effects in heat transfer, and multi-language support in the UI including German, French, and Japanese.

A True 3D Interface

With only a wired stylus and special glasses you can truly work in 3D using Infinite Z’s zSpace. The model appears to float in 3D above the 24 inch LCD monitor allowing you to draw below or around it without changing orientation. zSpace is scheduled to ship in 2012 Q1 with a price point for the developer kit of about $6,000.

  • zSpace at upFront.eZine NEWS

MSC Software’s Research Assist Program

Researchers at qualified institutions are eligible for free use of MSC Software’s CAE tools for the purpose of “exploring the horizon of engineering simulation.”  Abstracts are accepted continuously and twelve awards are made annually. In addition to no-cost use of the software, recipients also have the opportunity to win the research contest, participate in user conferences without a fee, and receive free training.

Applications, Jobs, New Releases, and other Stuff

  • The EnSight December 2011 newsletter is out.
  • CFD maximizes the aerodynamic performance of a radio-controlled off-road buggy, the Mirage body for the TLR 22 from Method RC.
  • Atkins in Houston is seeking CFD consultants for the oil and gas industry.
  • ANSYS released ANSYS 14.
  • CFD analysis of flow through an orifice meter.
  • Beta CAE released μETA v6.7.2.
  • John Iley will head-up CFD for the Lotus Formula 1 team.

CFD as Art

A CFD simulation computed in Caedium and rendered in POV-Ray was featured in an Off Modern at London’s Barbican Art Gallery. The intent of these events is to “deconstruct the spatial experience and architecture of the Barbican.” I was intrigued enough that I emailed the artist, Rob Chavasse, directly to find out more about the piece he calls Mass Wasting (Acid Wind). Rob told me that the basic idea was “to map the two story exhibition space via wind. The flow of air was sent through the entrance doors and exited through the fire escape in back. Addition heat arrows were added for aesthetic  reasons.”

Still frame of a video showing flow through the Barbican Art Gallery.

Jon Peddie Research Forecasts Nearly $9B CAD Market in 2014

Jon Peddie Research, in their Worldwide CAD Market Report 2012, forecasts a CAD market in 2014 of approximately $8.7B up from $7B in 2011. By the end of 2011 the CAD user base worldwide is expected to be around 19 million users.

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