The CFD Mesh Generators’ Bill of Rights

We hold these truths to be fully converged, that all mesh generation practitioners are born equal to their CFD counterparts and are endowed by their initializer with certain discrete privileges, among them a smooth parametric space, linearity in 3D, and the following affine rights:

  1. To declare the unit square and unit circle legitimate approximations to all real-world geometry.
  2. To categorize the extension of a method to 3D as a trivial exercise.
  3. To assume that meshes without viscous resolution are perfectly acceptable.
  4. To dismiss as shoddy any CAD geometry that suffers from an iota of tolerance problems.
  5. To hide our secrets behind terms like “simplicial complex” and “discrete tessellation.”
  6. To scorn requests to spend months changing the mesh generator when a 2-hour fix to the CFD solver would be sufficient.
  7. To ignore the fact that our new algorithms create meshes that are unusable by any known CFD solver.
  8. To blame completely the lack of convergence or inaccurate results on the CFD solver.
  9. To justify any mesh based on a single quality metric: positive cell volume.

This post was inspired by the Physicists’ Bill of Rights at Stanford University.

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