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TLG Aerospace Wins CD-adapco Calendar Contest

TLG Aerospace's winning entry

Matt Knapp’s CFD solution of NASA’s X-34 reentering the atmosphere at hypersonic flight conditions won CD-adapco’s 6th annual calendar competition. Knapp, who works at TLG Aerospace, used adaptive meshing to capture the off-body shock waves. Knapp was awarded an iPad 2 for his efforts and his image along with 11 others will be featured in CD-adapco’s 2012 calendar. The calendar is free but quantities are limited. (I personally am partial to the elephant image.)

  • CD-adapco’s announcement including links to all 12 images

OpenFOAM Reader for FieldView

OpenFOAM solution, FieldView image

Intelligent Light’s FieldView CFD postprocessing software includes an OpenFOAM reader in release 13.1 with which users can import OpenFOAM simulation results directly without repartitioning large datasets. This direct interface makes it easy for OpenFOAM users to access all the power of FieldView for transient analysis, solution comparisons, and reduced turnaround time through the automation of batch scripting.

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Planarity – Unstructured Meshing Game

Planarity is an online and iOS game that’s based on planar graphing but it sure looks like unstructured surface meshing to me. It’s free (donations accepted) so give it a try and see if you can untangle these tri-cell meshes.

Online version of Planarity. iOS versions also available.

International Meshing Roundtable Follow-Up

If you were unable to attend the 20th International Meshing Roundtable in Paris this past October (I was unable to attend too), the conference proceedings (hardbound, 363 pages) are available from Springer and a photo album has been posted online. (Why is it whenever meshing folks gather there’s always a dinner cruise? What is it with boats?)

Bad Apple

At Pointwise we make a lot of grids for fun quality assurance purposes but a Japanese user shared this fun video called Bad Apple!! that was created in Tecplot. I’m not certain what the storyline is but certainly it’s a non-traditional application of the software.

Bad Apple!! video made in Tecplot


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  1. lubos says:

    Wow, I am speechless… (this is regarding that apple video)

  2. John Chawner says:

    I wonder how long it took to make that Bad Apple video. It seems that just programming the datasets would take forever. But you never know what it will take. One of our interns last summer wrote a Pong game in Pointwise.

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