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Shimada Named 1st International Meshing Roundtable Fellow

Dr. Kenji Shimada, founder of Ciespace Corporation and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has been named the first IMR Fellow by the International Meshing Roundtable.

Shimada's bubble mesh technique was presented at the 9th IMR and featured on the conference t-shirt.

The fellowship recognizes distinguished accomplishments and service in the field of mesh generation. In Dr. Shimada’s case, his accomplishments are exemplified by his development and  commercialization of BubbleMeshTM technology.

Two Receive Kelly Johnson Award from SAE

Ramesh K. Agarwal from Washington University and Bruce Banks from NASA Glenn Research Center each received SAE International’s Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design and Development Award. The awards were presented at the 2011 SAE AeroTech Congress.

Dr. Agarwal conducts research in CFD and other fields. Mr. Banks is a physicist with expertise in thin film coatings, rocket engines, and spacecraft.


Happy New Year!

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