This Should Be Your First Reference for Structured Grids

If any of you are looking for a good reference on how to generate structured quad or hex grids (otherwise known as mapped meshes) the first place you should look is the classic text Numerical Grid Generation by Thompson, Warsi, and Mastin.

Chapters include boundary-conforming coordinate systems, transformation relations, numerical implementation, truncation error, elliptic generation systems, parabolic and hyperbolic generation systems, algebraic generation systems, orthogonal systems, conformal mapping, and adaptive grids.

Plus, the entire text is available online for free at Mississippi State University including downloadable PDFs. Check it out today at

This question comes up often enough on the CFD Online Forums that I thought it would be a good idea to post the answer here too.

Maybe someday John Steinbrenner and I will compile our notes from the graduate course we taught on mesh generation and make our own book. But in the meantime, your first reference for structured grids should be Thompson, Warsi, and Mastin’s book.

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4 Responses to This Should Be Your First Reference for Structured Grids

  1. cesar says:

    wooow, thanks for the link. Any recommendation on how to transition from a structural engineer and hobbyist developer to a full time software developer?

  2. David L Vaughn says:

    Let’s see, it’s on my bookshelf somewhere….:)

  3. John Chawner says:


    One thing that’s hot right now is Codecademy ( Another is Software Carpentry (

    Good luck!

  4. cesar says:

    Thanks for the links. I also like and

    I learned to code by myself (C/C++/C#/SQLite/Tcl/git, among other languages). I try to script or to code repetitive tasks, or make tools that help me to perform my duties more efficient.


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