This Week in CFD

Mesh Generation

  • The 21st International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) will be held 7-10 October 2012 in San Jose, CA. The call for papers and research notes are open with due dates of 01 June and 31 July, respectively.
  • The 12th ISGG Conference on Numerical Grid Generation will be held 22-26 October 2012 in Las Palmas, de Gran Canaria, Spain. The ISGG is being held jointly with the Meeting on Applied Scientific Computing and Tools (MASCOT) Workshop.  The call for papers is now open with a deadline of 15 June.
  • A Siemens PLM partner talks about his first use of Femap for finite element modeling.


Applications & News

CFD for Data Centers

  • CD-adapco released an iPad app for obtaining news and other product information and for checking Power-on-Demand usage. [The app must be very popular because my first attempt to install it failed after about 20 minutes. I can only assume everyone is trying to download it.]
  • ParaTools is offering a free version of OpenFOAM with embedded profiling tools for Windows.
  • CFD studies yield 8% fuel savings for fairings that streamline trucks.
  • The article CFD for Data Centers  warns of three pitfalls of CFD.
    • The accuracy of the results is limited by the accuracy of the [geometry] model.
    • You shouldn’t trust everything the software tells you.
    • You should take the results with a grain of salt.
  • Supersonic skydiver simulation with SolidWorks Simulation.
  • Developing a single-seat, very light aircraft using CFD.
  • Simulations show that a supersonic biplane has less drag and lower sonic boom.
  • Nimbus announced a beta version of their cloud platform for Symscape’s Caedium CFD.


Royal Prize for Engineering

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a new international award that recognizes significant contributions to the field of engineering. One might consider it to be similar to a Nobel Prize for Engineering. The QEPrize for engineering comes with a £1M award. Nomations are open until 14 September 2012. For better or worse, you cannot nominate yourself.

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