Software Engineering – It’s Not Just Cushy, It’s the Best

Michael Palin may be OK with being a lumberjack but recommends against.

2012 is not the year to get into lumberjacking, at least according to the list of Best and Worst Jobs of 2012 from as reported by ABC.

Not only is lumberjack the worst job of 2012 its also the most dangerous.

Fortunately for those who are programming-minded, there’s an alternative. Software engineer is ranked the best job of 2012. It’s also called “cushy.”

Pointwise wants to hire two such engineers for our development team. So if you’re looking to join the ranks of those with the best job of 2012 let’s talk. Email your resume to

As for whether it’s cushy or not, only you can be the judge. But keep in mind that we don’t just write software, we write software for CFD mesh generation. That’s gotta be worth bonus points.

Also, while you’re reading the article check out the list of the most stressful jobs. I think we’d all agree with the top 5.  But most stressful jobs 6-10 may surprise you.

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