Pet Friendly Pointwise

This informal poll of pet ownership among Pointwise employees tells me that we’re pretty pet-friendly. Over three quarters of us have one type of pet. Several people have more than one. This compares favorably with the population as a whole where 62% of U.S. households own a pet.

Dog ownership is highest (nearly half of all pets) followed by cats and other types of creatures (mostly fish). I fall into the pet-less category only because I’m between Betta fish right now. The poll does not count the copperhead snake someone found in their yard a couple of days ago.

Are there a lot of pet owners among your coworkers? Do you have a pet friendly workplace where folks can bring their dogs to the office?

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2 Responses to Pet Friendly Pointwise

  1. Tim Tautges says:

    Snarky getting-close-to-my-milestone comments:
    1. Do undergrads count as pets?
    2. I’d complain about not being able to bring my cats to the office, but even if they could come they couldn’t care less what their pets do all day at that “office” thing
    3. I spend all night with them lying on my feet, why would I want them there during the day too?
    4. Would they get along better with my co-workers’ pets than my co-workers get along?

  2. John Chawner says:


    1. Based on my own sons, yes undegrads can be counted as pets.
    2. It’s not clear to me what cats care about.
    3. if I had cats I’d probably agree.
    4. I’ve heard the sounds cats make when fighting. That would end “bring your pet to work day.”

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