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CEI’s EnSight to be Bundled with KARALIT CFD

KARALIT announced that they would begin bundling CEI’s EnSight postprocessing software with their CFD solver technology. KARALIT CFD is an immersed boundary method that promises to relieve the burden of preprocessing.  The addition of EnSight to their portfolio is said to bring “world-class visualization” to KARALIT’s customers.

LearnCAx Offers Online CFD Instruction

Mesh methodologies for CFD. Image from LearnCAx.

The new LearnCAx blog offers online instruction in computer aided technologies and their first posts constitute the beginnings of an introduction to CFD.  The four articles posted so far cover What is CFD?, Preprocessing – Selecting the Domain, Preprocessing – Grid Generation, and Preprocessing – Boundary Tagging. More posts are promised on solver and postprocessing technologies.


Apps & Other

CFD results for a light sport aircraft from Stallion.

  • For those of you who write code for a living, you might be interested in Light Table, a new IDE concept.
  • Hanley Innovations has blogged about how to setup CFD for a complete aircraft in about a minute using their Stallion 3D software.
  • Optimizing data centers for energy efficiency using CFD and other tools may or may not be worth the effort.
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