This Week in CFD

Stanford Released SU2 Version 1.1

SU2 Workflow. Image courtesy of Stanford Univ.

Stanford University released Version 1.1 of their SU2 (Stanford University Unstructured) open-source CFD code. New in this latest release are Windows executables, better parallelization, a Pointwise plugin for native export of SU2’s files, an SST turbulence model, periodic boundary conditions, and more.

[Yes, I realize that Stanford writes SU2 as SU2 with the superscript. But I’m too lazy to do all that formatting.]

CD-adapco Released STAR-CD v4.18

STAR-CD v4.18 and es-ICE for for IC simulation. Image from CD-adapco.

CD-adapco released STAR-CD version 4.18 with a variety of improvements in preprocessing for in-cylinder flows including automatic 2D templates, a single command for mesh coarsening and refining, and spray adaption. Several enhancements to chemistry in the solver are also included.

News in Brief

  • Autodesk has launched an online wiki for their Simulation CFD product. The wiki includes articles, videos, and other resources.
  • The folks at the Particle in Cell blog have gone one step beyond their SVG/Javascript demo of editing a B-Spline curve and now have developed an SVG/Javascript app for elliptic grid generation.
  • NASA launched their new Technology Transfer Portal for the purpose of streamlining and increasing the rate of transfer of NASA’s intellectual property to the private sector for commercialization. [Oddly, the advanced search tool for software returned zero results for “CFD” but when searching for “mesh” I got one hit – the CART3D inviscid CFD code.]
  • ERCOFTAC announced a 2-day workshop on CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows to be held 18-19 July 2012 in Graz, Austria.
  • Turbulence modelling expert Dr. Florian Menter will conduct three seminars on Turbulence Modelling for Industrial Applications in Australia during August.
  • Applications of CFD that get widely publicized include Formula 1 cars, data centers, and racing bicycles.
  • blueCAPE launched blueCFD, a Windows port of OpenFOAM.
  • Acer and NVIDIA demonstrate a “supercomputer in a box” for CFD. [Honestly, I couldn’t figure out exactly what the point of the full article is.]
  • SIGGRAPH is seeking computer graphics professionals to mentor select high school students who’ll be attending the conference.
  • CD-adapco and Red Cedar Technology have partnered on add-ons for STAR-CCM+ for process automation and optimization.

Exa’s IPO

Exa Corporation, makers of the Lattice Boltzmann-based PowerFLOW suite of CFD software, went public this week on the NASDAQ trading under the symbol EXA. CAE blogger Monica Schnitger has been tracking the IPO and revealed some interesting nuggets.

  • Exa’s top 10 customers account for 69% of their revenue.
  • Revenue in FY 2012 was up 21%.
  • In FY 2013 Q1, software revenue increased 9% with 30% of the increase coming from new customers (i.e. new new sales) and 70% coming from additions by existing customers (i.e. new sales).

The initial plan for the IPO was to offer over 6 million shares for between $11-$13 but in the end the offer price was $10. After falling on the first day of trading yesterday, Exa’s stock price has risen to $10.10 as of the time of this writing.

Exa is believed to be the only all-CFD company that’s publicly traded. With annual revenue of $46,000,000 they are the 3rd largest provider of CFD solutions.


  • Tecplot is seeking applicants for the following positions: Director of Customer Development, Network Administration Supervisor, Software Test Engineer, UX Designer, and Software Development Engineer.
  • Pointwise is seeking applicants for the following positions: Software Development Engineer, Technical Support Engineer.
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2 Responses to This Week in CFD

  1. Bruno Santos says:


    Many thanks for mentioning blueCFD!
    But I’d like to make clear a few details:
    1. blueCFD was first launched back in November 2009.
    2. Latest release was blueCFD 2.0-2 + 2.1-1 in February 2012.
    3. The latest news is that CastNet can use blueCFD on Windows to do what is does on Linux:
    3.1. This was presented this week at the 7th OpenFOAMĀ® Workshop:

    Best regards,
    Bruno Santos

  2. John Chawner says:

    Bruno – Thanks for the corrections. I had the CastNet item bookmarked and then drew a blank when I looked at it this morning so I tried to jog my memory by looking at your website. This was a complete brain fart by me and I apologize for getting your information wrong.

    I hope you were able to meet Pointwise’s Travis Carrigan at the OpenFOAM Workshop. He said it was a great event.

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