This Week in CFD

New Forums at CFD Online

While not all new this week, the folks at CFD Online have added several discussion forums recently.

  • CFD Freelancers – If you’re looking for short-term help on a CFD project here’s where you’d post your requirements and get in touch with freelancers.
  • Autodesk Simulation CFD – Here’s the forum to ask and answer questions about Autodesk’s CFD simulation software (formerly known as CFdesign).
  • AVL Fire – Another new forum dedicated to the CFD software from AVL List GmbH.
  • Visualization and Post-Processing – Opened several weeks ago, there are now forums dedicated to Avizo Wind, EnSight, FieldView, ParaView, and Tecplot.

You’ll notice, however, that there aren’t any forums dedicated to Meshing and Pre-Processing. Meshing Q&A is dispersed throughout the Main forum and the solver-specific forums. Do you think CFD Online should open dedicated meshing forums?

CD-adapco Released STAR-CCM+ v7.04

Example of visualization using the unwrap transform in STAR-CCM+ v7.04. Image from CD-adapco.

The new release of STAR-CCM+ v7.04 from CD-adapco promises advances on three fronts: performing simulations faster, producing more accurate results, and more effectively communicating simulation results. Specific features included in the new release are a 4x increase in mesh morphing speed, the ability to handle multi-part solid models, automatic computation of solar heating loads, the ability to create sweep and overset meshes, new film and granular flow models, new unwrap transformation for visualization, and a new line interval convolution plot.

Applications, Jobs, and News

Turbulent Airflow = Bad, a screen capture from the Autodesk/Huntair video.

  • HUNTAIR used Autodesk Simulation CFD in the development of their specialized HVAC device for operating rooms.
  • CRAFT Tech is looking to hire someone with applied CFD experience, including mesh generation experience with either Pointwise or Gridgen.
  • The New York Power Authority will be using FLOW-3D to simulate water flows at various facilities including the Niagara Power Project.
  • Here’s a video demonstration of fluid analysis using SolidWorks.
  • Azore Technologies will be providing their Azore CFD software for remote use on HPC servers from Sabalcore.
  • Don Computing will sell and support Flow Science’s FLOW-3D in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.
  • Specialized and McLaren teamed up to design a new helmet for riders of racing bicycles. [This article is the first this week to reference LSD.]

Streamlines over a bicycle rider and helmet. Image from cycling blog Red Kite Prayer.

Ferrofluids + Watercolor + Magnetic Field = Wow

One photograph in the Mellefiori series. Image from Fabian Oefner.

Photographer Fabian Oefner mixed water colors with a ferrofluid, applied a magnetic field, and captured a series of amazing microphotographs of the results. As originally seen on the blog io9. [This article is the second this week to reference LSD.]


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