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Would an album called Tessellations be an appropriate soundtrack for your daily meshing and CFD? (Or blog reading?)

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Ciespace and the Cloud

Shimada’s BubbleMesh Technique

Ciespace was founded by Dr. Kenji Shimada, a professor at Carnegie Mellon and recipient of the first Fellow Award from the International Meshing Roundtable.  At the time it seemed the company was going to focus on commercialization of Shimada’s patented BubbleMesh technique. [Does anyone know how to properly pronounce Ciespace? See-space? Cy-space?]

Recently however, the company seems to have either pivoted [to use an overused business term] or revealed an expanded vision: they are building “an exciting new cloud platform for CAE applications.” Other than that teaser, the website offers no other information. However, you can sign-up for a beta by emailing


  • Speaking of the cloud, CAE blogger Monica Schnitger writes about Autodesk’s Simulation 360, a cloud-based CAE tool that costs $3,600 per year for 120 jobs (e.g. CFdesign) of any size. Autodesk’s CEO has referred to this as “infinite computing.” [If it’s true, as I believe, that work expands to consume available resources, infinite computing leads to infinite work thereby grinding progress to a halt.]
  • IBAMR is an open source CFD code using the immersed boundary method with adaptive mesh refinement and a parallel implementation. It’s available on Google Code.
  • If you’re interested in CFD and combustion, Reaction Design is hosting a webinar on 03 October about their Model Fuel Library.
  • Simerics is the latest CFD vendor to directly integrate with SpaceClaim for preparing complex CAD models for simulation (as reported by GraphicSpeak). Here is more information on this partnership, including details about an upcoming webinar, from Desktop Engineering.
  • ESI published a FAQ pertaining to their acquisition of OpenCFD and OpenFOAM.
  • CD-adapco has officially opened their Academic Paper Contest for 2013. The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to the STAR Global Conference.
  • CEI announced a stereo-viewing capability for EnSight.
  • ANSYS has opened submissions for their 2013 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition in which they seek the ten best multi-physics applications from around the world.  Three entries will be selected as Best in Show and rewarded with the obligatory Apple iPad.

One of last year’s ANSYS Hall of Fame winners. Image from ANSYS.


  • SAIC was awarded a $76 million contract to support the aerospace modeling and simulation facilities at NASA Ames.
  • Mercury Marine is looking to hire a CFD analyst.

Mesh Fashion

From music to fashion, tessellations are everywhere this week. THE ITERATION is a collection from designer Lisa Shahno who was inspired by fractal cosmology. [Look for it in JC Penney’s autumn collection soon.]

THE ITERATION by Lisa Shahno

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