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News & New Releases

  • Aerosoft released GASP 5.1.2 including enhancements to its visualization capabilities and turbulence modeling. [Sorry that I’m late in posting this.]
  • TYCHO is a freely-available compressible hydrodynamics code written in C and parallelized using OpenMP.
  • While not strictly CFD, the monthly Best of the Visualization Web post from the Visualizing Data blog should be of interest if only due to the heavy use of visualization in CFD. Here’s the “best” from August 2012.
  • The CFD Experiment, a test of cloud computing for CFD, has just finished Round 1 and Round 2 is scheduled to run from November 2012 to February 2013. (There is no cost for participation.)
  • VirtualGrid released VRMesh Library, C++ DLLs for Windows, for point cloud processing, triangle meshing, and mesh editing.
  • NAFEMS has issued the Call for Papers for the 2013 NAFEMS World Congress to be held 9-12 June 2013 in Salzburg, Austria.
  • ICON, CFD consultants and open source CFD proponents, have entered into a strategic partnership with the UK’s ARA to jointly deliver services and products to the aerospace industry.
  • SpaceClaim 2012+ has several interesting features for working with STL and other forms of faceted geometry data.

CFD Canada 2013

The CFD Society of Canada announced the date and location of their next annual meeting. The 21st Annual Conference of the CFD Society of Canada, CFD Canada 2013, will be held 6-9 May 2013 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Keynote speakers include Dr. Cuenot from CERFACS, Prof. Zingg from the University of Toronto, and Dr. Benhamadouche from Electricite De France (EDF).

Abstracts are due on 7 January 2013 but abstracts aren’t yet being accepted.

The 2013 Challenge Workshop will be held immediately after the conference on 9 May to assess state-of-the-art results for two challenge problems. The first is an extension of the 2012 Challenge, 15 m/s flow around a square cylinder at Re=10,000. The second challenge problem is 16 m/s flow around a controlled diffusion airfoil at Re=150,000.


CFD mesh for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car. Image from the Bloodhound SSC website.

  • Here’s an overview of CFD as applied to the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project.
  • Breaking Down the Barriers to Simulation from R&D Magazine points out the benefits of democratizing analysis by making it easily usable throughout the design process. [The article makes a claim that I don’t agree with: “…take an analyst-level solution and to simplify it for use in different situations and by different peopleā€”a solution that has never worked…” Use of the word “never” is a bit over the top. The article clarifies itself by adding “There were examples of success, but only for those organizations that were prepared to invest in training, standardizing processes, and generally working hard to force the technology to fit their needs.” So the inverse of this statement says that companies that don’t invest in training, process standardization, or hard work find it difficult to get computational simulation to work for them. That’s hardly surprising. There’s no silver bullet. Nothing’s free.]
  • CEI’s movie of the month for September 2012 is of an internal combustion engine simulation computed using Converge.
  • In case all this CFD has made you forget about wind tunnels, here’s a short video about how the Williams Formula 1 team uses wind tunnel testing to improve their cars.
  • More from R&D Magazine, this time about Tecplot and supersonic UAVs.

International Meshing Roundtable Overview

Just a few quick notes from this week’s 21st International Meshing Roundtable.

  • CUBIT, the unstructured hex meshing tool developed over the last decades at Sandia National Lab, is going open source in a month or two.
  • Tom Sederberg, the man behind T-Splines, announced that an isogeometric analysis (IGA) capable T-Splines plugin for Rhino3D will soon be available for free use by academics.
  • If you’re needing subdivision surfaces, Pixar’s Open Subdiv library is available for free at

I hope to write a longer summary of the IMR in the coming week or two. [But then again there’s quite a long list of things I hope to write about but “work” keeps getting in the way.] [Why am I commenting on my own comment?]

Meet CD-adapco’s Steve

We’re not talking about Stephen McIlwain, CD-adapco’s director of engineering support. And I’m pretty sure we’re not talking about Steve MacDonald, the company’s president.

Steve is how CD-adapco has branded their new new customer support portal which will be enabled within a couple of weeks.

[Anyone want Pointwise support from John?]

LES with Prof. Parviz Moin

Cascade Technologies has posted Parts 4 and 5 of their 5-part video interview series with Prof. Parviz Moin on large eddy simulation. Definitely worth a watch. Here are all 5 parts of the interview.

Ferrofluid Art

Screen capture from Afiq Omar’s video Ferienne.

Artist Afiq Omar has produced three videos featuring the behavior of ferrofluids in the presence of a magnetic field (and other fluid effects). These are well worth watching.

  1. Ferreum
  2. Ferroux
  3. Ferienne [Why only one “r” in this name I don’t know.]

As first seen on the F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics blog. You do follow it, don’t you?

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