This Week in CFD

News Nuggets

  • As first reported by Ray Kurland, five of the original founders of SolidWorks got the CAD world all drooly this week when they announced their new company, Belmont Technology (very likely a name that will change as they get closer to launch). As for a product (they haven’t written a line of code yet), think in terms of tools for designers and engineers (see post on CAD Insider). [I’m willing to bet somewhere along the line someone used the term “cloud.”]
  • CD-adapco is looking to hire an Infrastructure/Architecture Developer.
  • Intelligent Light is hosting a webinar titled Break Through CFD Bottlenecks with Engineered Workflows on the use of FieldView to improve your postprocessing of large numbers of CFD solutions. The webinar will be held on two days: 29 Nov and 06 Dec.
  • Flow Science has won consecutive Intel Cluster Ready Voyager Awards, the most recent awarded at SC12, the supercomputing conference. The award recognizes their work on making FLOW-3D available on Intel’s cluster computers.
  • A tweet by @FloRobin4CFD from the IDAJ CAE Solution Conference indicated that IDAJ was winding down their STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+ business and ramping up customized OpenFOAM solutions.
  • Leap Australia offers 10 tips for multiphase flow CFD models.

Multiphase CFD solution from Leap Australia


CFD for Formula 1. Image from the Univ. of Texas.

New Releases

  • Software Cradle announced the release of SC/Tetra V10 including improvements in turbulence modeling, free surface modeling, radiation, and cavitation.
  • ANSYS released ANSYS 14.5 including multi-physics and surface meshing improvements.
  • CD-adapco announced STAR-CCM+ v7.06 including convergence speedups, new droplet and boiling models, and icing capabilities.


Real Time Flow Visualization

Artist Charles Sowers created Windswept (2011), an installation of 612 velocity vectors that freely rotate according to the interaction of the wind with the building. Be sure to watch the video and explore his other fluid-related works. [As first seen on F%^$ Yeah Fluid Dynamics.]

Windswept (2011) by Charles Sowers


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