Education of Engineers in 1853

We discovered this newspaper clipping from 1853 in the archives of the University of Alabama. I’m posting it here without commentary just to hear your reactions.


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4 Responses to Education of Engineers in 1853

  1. sylvester says:

    Continuing the theme of the present being not much different from the past:
    The Pace of Modern life;

    (and because every blog needs a reference to XKCD from time to time)

  2. Sign me up!! 🙂

    I am glad to see women have joined the ranks.

    • John Chawner says:

      Martin, I was waiting for someone to point out the vintage gender bias. And I wonder how many engineers still go “up mountains” and “through forests.” Some of us are sitting in front of a computer all day.

      • I couldn’t help but equate CFD to the “stimulated brain” category. 🙂 I sure do feel like that sitting behind my computers and monitors. Hey, we all know that real world fluid dynamics is just a model of the correct CFD answers! (tongue-in-cheek) 🙂

        Definitely a fun post.

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