This Week in CFD

Software & Applications

  • Here’s part 4 of how to perform pump cavitation analysis in CFX, this time focusing on automation techniques.
  • This brief video illustrates the effect of flow rate on the formation of double emulsions.
  • Kitware announced the major new release of their CFD visualization software, ParaView 4.0.1, which includes multi-block, annotation, scalar bar, and vector graphics enhancements.
  • MSC shares tips on a meshing technique called permanent glued contact.
  • CEI provides this wall shear stress tutorial for EnSight.
  • Symscape illustrates why turning vanes are essential for ducted flows.
CFD shows how turning vanes can reduce pressure loss in ducted flows. Image from Symscape.

CFD shows how turning vanes can reduce pressure loss in ducted flows. Image from Symscape.

Business & Other News

  • Fleya is a “realtime fluid dynamics” app for Android.
  • Tecplot was cited as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Seattle for 2013.
  • Advanced Solutions of Louisville, Kentucky has earned certification in CFD from Autodesk.
  • For $2,500 you can purchase an 80-page report on the Global FEA market in which you’ll read about a forecast growth rate of 9.72% [two decimal places!] between 2012 and 2016.


  • For those of you who follow the CAD companies here are several reviews of the recent PTC Live event: Monica Schnitger,, SolidSmack, and PTC’s blog. What strikes me is that, unlike other CAD companies, there’s very little discussion of analysis and simulation.
  • Here are two reviews of the recent NAFEMS World  Congress: Desktop Engineering (“the best vendor-neutral global conference and exhibit dedicated solely to engineering simulation”) and  Scientific Computing World.
  • At the upcoming Metacomp Symposium, the company will be introducing its new, “revolutionary” software environment, Integral Computational Multi Physics (ICMP).
  • Siemens PLM provides this brief review of their first Femap Symposium.

Controlling Fluids with a Thought

Artist Lisa Park uses a brain wave monitoring device to convert her thoughts into sound and then into waves on pools of water. The performance is called Euonia. (First seen on Colossal.)

That’s kinda like CFD, right? Controlling fluids with our brains. Right?

Lisa Park performing Euonia. Image from Colossal.

Lisa Park performing Euonia. Image from Colossal.

Computational Bovine Dynamics (CBD)

In addition to providing valuable insight into the dairy industry, computational bovine dynamics (CBD) must be a well-advanced field of scientific endeavor. I would like to know how the simulation illustrated below was performed, from the moving body dynamics, free-surface, sloshing, and visualization.

 photo Milky-cow_zps92759393.gif

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  1. paul says:

    And that folks is how we get milkshake.

  2. m kabiri says:

    Hi , its a work that modeled in a 3d application and then simulated in Next Limit RealFlow software and rendered in Next Limit Maxwell render . RealFlow can simulate the fluid behavior and Maxwell render take a photo from a CG Designed Scene .

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