Back When Meshes Were Carved From Wood

Do you remember the olden days when our forefathers, lacking computers, had to carve their meshes from wood?

Neither do I. So I’m not sure what I was thinking when I ordered a sample pack of Wood-Skin. Made in Italy, this flexible, pre-cut, wood-based product is intended to “bridge the gap between contemporary fabrication processes and the complex forms emerging from digital design software.

My sample pack of Wood-Skin. What do I do with this stuff?

My sample pack of Wood-Skin. What do I do with this stuff?

As you can see from the photo above, Wood-Skin has been pre-cut into triangular facets (it comes in sheets with 3 different sizes of triangles) with a fabric layer laminated in between to give the product flexibility. So it looks like a 3D surface mesh and then the company tosses in that “digital design software” line and it seems like a perfect tie-in for us.

But in a complete failure of imagination, it’s been sitting on my desk for months and I can’t come up with a single idea for making something practical with it. (Obviously, you can’t do much with the sample pack. The real product comes in much larger sheets with a full range of sizes and finishes.) Of course, I could just punt and get a big sheet and hang it from the ceiling all wiggly and shine a light through it so the seams glow.

So what I’d like you to do is visit, read the info, look at the pictures, watch the videos, and then tell me what you’d make of it. (First person who says a hat, broach, or pterodactyl is disqualified.)

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