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Screen capture from Alex Haldane's winning entry in CD-adapco's academic simulation contest. (See link below.)

Screen capture from Alex Haldane’s winning entry in CD-adapco’s academic simulation contest. (See link below.)

  • An overview of how the U.S. government will push, prod, and pull us toward an exascale computing capability.
  • When it comes to simulation in the cloud you need to ask Which Cloud. Read more from Desktop Engineering. [Yes!]
  • MAINFRAME2 promises to “run any software in a browser” and offers Autodesk Inventor as proof of a CAD application. [Does anyone have experience with this cloud platform?]
Using overset grids in STAR-CCM+ to simulate gear lubrication. Image from Design World.

Using overset grids in STAR-CCM+ to simulate gear lubrication. Image from Design World.



Velocity vectors for four aspects of a Fontan circulation. Image from the paper on cardiovascular disease cited above.


CFD solution for an F-15E computed using MicroCFD's 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel.

CFD solution for an F-15E computed using MicroCFD’s 3D Virtual Wind Tunnel.

Events and Other News

  • Convergent Science posted the agenda for the upcoming CONVERGE UGM 2014. [PDF]
  • A student from the University of Warwick was named the winner of CD-adapco’s Academic STAR Simulation Contest for his work on LES simulations of poppet valves.
  • Papers from AIAA’s 1st Sonic Boom Prediction Workshop are available online.
  • CAD interoperability problems are a chronic condition; they can’t be cured, only managed. So says one contributor to Desktop Engineering’s article on the CAD interoperability monster.
  • Dassault Systemes has done a lot of work preserving the engineering that went into D-Day. [This is a very good thing for them to be doing. I can’t find whether the models they produce will be available for download.]

Unstructured Seating

Faceted forms truly are taking over the design world. The latest I’ve discovered is Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design’s Chair_ONE. Someone ¬†please try this and let me know how comfortable it is. I’m certain¬†if you sit it in long enough you’ll have some very interesting impressions.

Chair_ONE from Konstantin Grcic.

Chair_ONE from Konstantin Grcic.

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  1. Parisa says:

    I think I have seen this unstructured seating a few years ago in Milan (Italy), close to the Polytechnic university. Was quite fun to see a meshed chair! Don’t really remember how comfy it was but I think it was alright!

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