What Does CFD Body Language Look Like?

Most of the time, my jokes are greeted with polite laughter or uncomprehending stares. Certainly no one wants them to be repeated. So when someone asked me to blog about this little cartoon I had to jump at the chance before they changed their mind.

As part of our wellness program we had a lunchtime presentation on fitness from an exercise physiologist and one of the handouts he distributed illustrated stretches you could do while seated in front of your computer.

Well, I didn’t see people stretching. I saw people doing CFD. Hence, CFD Body Language.


I can see the uncomprehending stares now.

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6 Responses to What Does CFD Body Language Look Like?

  1. Martin says:

    From my own personal experience, number 11 can also be “Why are the results and data not in the same ballpark, or even state?”

  2. Charles says:

    No uncomprehending stares here, I reckon this is going up on the office door 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Harmonies and Haiku and commented:
    I found this very interesting. I sit for long hours in front of a screen…you know, popping out haikus and all. This was pretty awesome because it is silly and this little momma loveeeeeeessss silly,

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