This Week in CFD

Please enjoy this first post of 2015.

Everyone Else’s News

Pointwise’s News

  • Dr. Steve Karman, formerly of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga SimCenter, has joined Pointwise’s applied research team.
  • You can meet Steve in his new capacity along with several others of us at AIAA SciTech next week in Orlando.
  • Pointwise is looking to add other folks to our team. We have job openings for an Applications Engineer and two engineering interns for the summer.

Another Fine Mesh News

The fine folks at WordPress sent me an email with some stats about this blog’s performance during 2014. I thought I’d share them with you.

Let’s hope we can continue to deliver content that you find educating and entertaining [edutaining?] in 2015.

Faceted Drawing

Mark Nagtzaam graphite drawings are a bit of a paradox: “Filling in all the negative fields in his drawings with graphite himself, the works are saturated, to the point of hyperbole, with time. For all their seductive systematic severity, they abundantly testify to a human presence, paradoxically conveying that despite the artist’s methodically engineered absence, he was nevertheless there, doing, as it were, his due diligence, he was there, drawing.”

Mark Nagtzaam, Black Kawasaki, 2013

Mark Nagtzaam, Black Kawasaki, 2013


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  1. Langley’s turbulence resource page is a great site. And it has helped me win a few debates. Tax money well spent! And I don’t know of any similar public site out their, either by a vendor or foreign government. Thanks Chris and gang!

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