Movies Retitled for CFD

A couple of weeks ago in advance of the Academy Awards TV broadcast we had some fun on Twitter by tweaking movie titles to give them a CFD theme and then tweeting them with the hashtag #CFDmovies.

Before they all get lost to the ether, here they are – sorted alphabetically and without attribution. To everyone who played along – and there were many of you – thanks.

  • 12 Angry Users
  • 12 Years a Grad Student
  • 39 Backward Facing Steps
  • 50 First Order Approximations
  • 500 Days of Summer Compute Time
  • A Beautiful Mesh
  • A DNS is Forever
  • A Fistful of DNS
  • A Histogram of Violence
  • A SIMPLE Plan
  • A View to a Kill Job
  • All Quiet on the Advancing Front
  • An Outsourcing to India
  • Big Hero HEX
  • Big Trouble in Little Skewed Cells
  • Boris Gudonov Solver
  • Burn After Reading the Solver Documentation
  • Cloud Computing Atlas
  • Converged in 60 Seconds
  • Convergent
  • Das Reboot
  • Death of a Software Salesman
  • Despicable Mesh
  • Divergence Now
  • E.T. – The Equations of Turbulence
  • Fluids Rush In
  • For a Few Iterations More
  • For Whom the Pay-as-You-Go License Tolls
  • Forrest GRUMMP
  • Frank White and the One Seventh Power Boundary Layer
  • Gone with the Upwind
  • Grid Lola Grid
  • Hang ‘Em High Order Solution
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Grids
  • How To Train Your User
  • Hustle and Flow Simulation
  • Jacobian The Liar
  • Jacobian’s Ladder
  • Jonah Hex
  • King van Leer
  • M is for Modeling
  • Magnetohydrodynamic Force
  • Mesh Independence Day
  • Mesher Without a Hex
  • Meshing the Impossible
  • Meshless Love
  • Miracle on Von Karman Vortex Street
  • No Convergence for Old Men
  • Of Mice and Menus
  • Princess Monotonic
  • Pulp Skin Friction
  • Solution is About To Converge
  • Some Like it High Order
  • The Design Lead Who Knew Too Much
  • The French Interblock Connection
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Inaccurate
  • The HEX BLOCK Movie
  • The Identity Matrix
  • The K-Omega Man
  • The Matrix – Renumbered
  • The Mesh-ix
  • The Silence of the Lambda Shock
  • The Solution That Wasn’t There
  • The Wizard of AUSM
  • There’s No Business Like Flow Business
  • To Converge or Converge Not
  • To Kill a Matrix Multiply
  • Trading Laplace’s
  • Twelve Mesh Monkeys
  • Under-Relaxation: Rise of The LES
  • V for Validation
  • Waiting for Gudonov
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4 Responses to Movies Retitled for CFD

  1. Rick Matus says:

    Here is a late, but clever, entry lifted from Bonnie Dunbar’s twitter feed: Gone with the Wind Tunnel.

  2. All genius!

  3. jdrch says:

    I see a couple of mine 🙂 Thanks for blogging this!

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