I’m Madison Goodwin and This Is How I Mesh

Madison Goodwin, Business & Administrative Services Intern.

Madison Goodwin, Business & Administrative Services Intern.

I’m an intern at Pointwise, Inc., the first Administrative intern ever hired. It’s my job to digitize important documents as part of the Disaster Recovery project, although some would argue I’m just here for the food.

I am a college student from Utah, currently in transition from BYU-Idaho to the BYU in Provo. My major is in English with an emphasis in creative writing. So what am I doing at Pointwise? That’s easy—paying for college. I was job hunting a few months ago when I heard about this position. I leapt at the opportunity to live in Texas for a few months, and I am so glad I did, because working here has been an amazing opportunity.

  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • Current position: Business & Administrative Services Intern
  • Current computer: Dell Precision M4400 laptop
  • One word that best describes how you work: Thoroughly

What software or tools do you use every day?

My best friend is the Canon Copier/Printer iRC3480 named “Happy.” It scans all of my documents and sends them directly to my email, which I access using Outlook. I also use an instant messaging program called Spark to interact with my co-workers (let’s be real—it’s basically the tool used to summon me to their bidding). My favorite tool perhaps is the giant Fellowes 99ci Shredder that I get to use on occasion to clear out piles upon piles of old papers.

What does your workspace look like?

Madison's current workspace.

Madison’s current workspace.

I am in a corner with the conference room to my right and a nice wall-sized window at my back. I have two desks situated in an L-shape to maximize my space for the many papers I deal with and a small filing drawer for storage. The location is also ideal for my job—about five paces away from “Happy.”

What are you currently working on?

My job right now (and always) is to digitize all important Pointwise paperwork. This is part of the Emergency Response Plan. Scanning all irreplaceable documents to a secure location will allow Pointwise to have a speedy recovery in the event of a disaster. My part in all of this is to scan the documents and save them in electronic files.

What would you say is your specialty at Pointwise?

My specialty is to have no specialty. I am the one who fills in all of the loose gaps and holes to keep things running smoothly. I’ve done everything from sending out mail to answering phone calls, from archiving old files to writing office procedures, and everything in-between.

Any tips, tricks, or advice for our users?

The best tip I can offer you is that no matter how boring and insignificant your job may seem, with the right attitude you can have a fantastic work experience. Take me for example: I scan papers—all day, every day—yet I thoroughly enjoy my work experience. It is possible.

What project are you most proud of and why?

I am the most proud of my work with archiving old vendor files. Before I got my hands on this project, we had three filing cabinets that were filled with papers, some of them as old as I am. I was given the chance to archive all documents up to the year 2014. After packing those ancient documents into storage, all the files that were left could easily fit into one cabinet.

Have you recently read any books or articles we should know about?

Nothing really engineering-related, but for those looking to improve the quality of their life (really, who isn’t?) I would highly recommend reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. As cliché as it sounds, this self-empowering book has truly changed my life. This book definitely requires an open mind, but it’s a short read that will keep you thinking long after the last page has been turned.

Do you plan on attending any conferences or workshops this year?

Not any time in the near future. However, I did have the chance to go to the AIAA Aviation Conference where I was able to browse around the different displays. There were some pretty fascinating companies and products that were being showcased, including some cool-looking aircraft and amazing high-speed cameras.

What do you do when you’re not surrounded by engineers making meshes?

I absolutely adore music, so if I’m not singing around the house or playing the piano, I’m probably blaring Pandora on my phone. I have also recently started doing CrossFit, and I have fallen in love with it. Aside from that, I enjoy long walks in the park, reading, eating, sleeping, or Pinterest-ing (yes, that is now a verb in my book). Someday I will get around to actually doing all the DIY crafts I’ve Pinned.

What is some of the best advice you’ve received?

Enjoy the moment now, because that’s really all you’ve got. If you look at everything as a means to an end, you’ll never be satisfied. Instead of working out to get fit, enjoy the act of working out. Rather than working to get paid, enjoy your job. That is how I’ve learned to live life and not just have a life.

If you had to pick a place to have dinner, where would you go?

This is the worst question—isn’t food just good in general? If I really had to choose, it would be Winger’s Roadhouse Grill in Utah. It was the restaurant of choice whenever I would go out with my girlfriends. With the popcorn appetizer, steak-fries, famous Sticky Chicken Fingers, and a slice of mint and chocolate Asphalt Pie, Winger’s just can’t go wrong. I’ve definitely missed it while living here in Texas.

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