The Connector Newsletter for Nov/Dec 2015


High Fidelity Overset Structured Mesh Generation for Marine Hydrokinetic Devices


Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University used the overset grid assembly tools in Pointwise to generate high-quality structured overset meshes for analysis of a horizontal axis water turbine. The flexibility offered by overset grids made it easy for them to add higher resolution grid blocks to resolve regions with high flow gradients like the turbine blade tips, wakes and tip vortices. This resulted in good agreement with experimental data even for flow details like the interaction between blade wakes and the support tower. (more)

Learn Advanced Pointwise Techniques Online


In 2016 Pointwise will begin offering online advanced training courses on structured meshing and Glyph scripting. The structured meshing course shows how to choose the best grid topology for difficult cases and how to improve grid quality when problems are found. The Glyph scripting course covers how to organize large, complex geometry and grid models and techniques for controlling the structured grid elliptic and unstructured grid T-Rex (anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion) solvers. (more)

Controlling Localized Element Size Gradation in an Unstructured Mesh


At Pointwise, we continuously work on ways to make meshing faster, easier, and higher quality. That could be through increased automation, additional control over the mesh, or general meshing enhancements. In this article, we discuss the technical basis for a new feature we are working on for our next major release, Pointwise V18. Tetrahedral sources, paired with a new rapid 3-D shape creation tool, will give you more control over tetrahedron sizes on the interior of a volume with fewer constraints than baffles. (more)

Meshing the 24th IMR Fender® Jazzmaster Guitar and the Abdominal Atlas


Last month several Pointwise engineers attended the 24th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) held in Austin, Texas. We brought two grids generated for two benchmark geometries provided by the IMR steering committee. The grids were made by Carolyn Woeber, Travis Carrigan, and myself. We were pleased to hear that the grids were recognized both for their technical merit and striking visuals – they had won the Meshing Contest award. (more)

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