Mesh with Pointwise at AIAA SciTech 2016

Next week the aerospace community gathers in San Diego for AIAA SciTech 2016 (Science and Technology Forum and Exposition). If you’re going to be there and if you have questions about mesh generation for CFD (and who doesn’t) there will be plenty of Pointwise folks on-hand to help you.

Have questions about meshing with Pointwise? Travis Carrigan and Zach Davis will be available in booth 318 in the exhibit hall with answers to your questions including demonstrations of our latest meshing techniques.

Interested in learning about our research? Nick Wyman and Steve Karman from our Applied Research team will be roaming the technical sessions and Steve will be presenting his work with Mike Remotigue on Optimization-Based Smoothing for Extruded Meshes. The presentation will be during session MVC-01 on Thursday morning, 07 January, in the Nautical Room.

And yours truly will be in attendance, mostly trying to avoid answering hard questions about what exactly I do when I’m at work our development plan and schedule. (Hint: Version 18 is coming in 2016 with a vastly expanded suite of meshing tools. For example, see this article from The Connector.) But I’ll also be learning about advances in CFD from all of you to help refine my vision of meshing in the year 2030.

Hope to see you there.

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