Another Fine Year in Blogging

Happy New Year and thank you to all of you who read Another Fine Mesh. We hope you learn something and are entertained. ┬áTo know that 1,897 people from 146 countries are interested enough to subscribe by email (we don’t know how many more subscribe via RSS and other methods) is kinda mind-boggling.

This is How I Mesh

Looking back at 2015’s posts, five of the top 11 posts are from our This is How I Mesh series in which we introduce you to the people here at Pointwise. This series of posts was Travis Carrigan’s idea and you’ll see it continue into 2016 and probably expand to include some of our partners and customers.

This Week in CFD

Another five of the top 11 posts of 2015 are the weekly This Week in CFD. I hope that means you’re finding this oddball collection of news to be useful or at least interesting. We don’t claim to be journalists but we do try to keep our eyes and ears open on what’s happening in the CFD world.

Or maybe you’re reading because of the art.

One of a Kind Posts

Rounding out the top 11 posts of 2015 is Zach Davis’ article In Pursuit of the Ideal Mesh in which we delve into the accuracy of CFD solutions for various grid types. We’ll continue to post things like that in 2016.

What Do You Want to Read?

What are we currently doing on the blog that you would you like to see more of?

What are we doing that we should stop?

What aren’t we doing that we should start?

Where Else to Find Us

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