The Connector Newsletter for 2016, 2nd Quarter


Automating Geometry and Mesh Generation for Heat Exchangers

badge-automating-125x125Maura Gallarotti, a master’s student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, used Pointwise Glyph scripting to quickly generate families of candidate heat exchanger designs and to perform parametric studies by changing the dimensions of several geometrical parameters to assess the effect of these parameters on cooling efficiency. With no experience using Pointwise and having never heard about Tcl/Tk or Glyph she was able to write a script to completely automate the grid generation process in less than a week. (more)

Come to Cowtown and Show Us How You Mesh

badge-2016-ugm-125x125The Pointwise User Group Meeting 2016 is in Fort Worth, Texas on 21-22 September. We invite you to present your Pointwise meshing experiences and to join us to learn about new Pointwise features, best meshing practices, and future plans for Pointwise. (more)

Two Techniques for Meshing Complex CAD

badge-rlv-125x125Geometry modeling is to meshing what turbulence modeling is to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – a mathematically complex model of something important that we try to treat as the proverbial black box. This article summarizes two methods used in Pointwise that make your use of analytically represented geometry models as painless as possible. The first method is mesh-centric and the second is geometry-centric. (more)

Smooth Extrusion of Boundary Layer Meshes

badge-smoothing-125x125Grid extrusion techniques create grid and topology at the same time, making them quick and easy methods to generate high quality grids. This article gives a preview of a new optimization-based smoother coming soon in Pointwise that can be applied to algebraic advancing layer techniques to extrude meshes of mixed cell types (i.e. extruding a volume grid that is a mix of prisms and hexahedra starting from a surface grid of triangles and quadrilaterals). (more)

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