This Week in CFD

Special Memorial Day 3-Day Weekend Edition


  • Please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts on geometry preparation and mesh generation in this survey. The results will be used as part of the basis for a panel discussion to be held at AIAA Aviation next month on open issues in meshing. [Thank you.]
  • Read about how to find regions of poor mesh quality using CONSELF.
  • DEVELOP3D reports that Autodesk’s Project Memento is now a commercial product called ReMake for converting images into 3D meshes.
  • Rhino Rotorblade, a plugin for generating airfoils, wings, and rotors, is now available as v2.00.
Gratuitous grid picture. Remember when CFD and a Gridgen grid were on a USPS express mail stamp?

Gratuitous grid picture. Remember when CFD and a Gridgen grid were on a USPS express mail stamp?

News and Events

  • CD-adapco reveals how their product development dovetails with NASA’s CFD Vision 2030 Study in the aerospace and defense markets. [See, I’m not the only one reading that study.]
  • CD-adapco also announced the first North American Vehicle CFD Conference, to be held in Detroit on 02 June.
  • EnSight introduced a new Resources area on their website with assets, downloads, videos, and tutorials.


  • This should probably scare all of us: reproducing CFD results is horrendously difficult because “computational science and engineering lacks an accepted standard of evidence.” [Kudos for use of the word “boffins” in this article.]
  • Technavio projects a 12% annual growth rate of the global simulation and analysis software market from 2016-2020, driven primarily by its ability to reduce time to market.

Grab A Mesh By Its Tail

Alert reader J.P. shared the overtly faceted and meshed graphic design of Dallas Theater Three’s production of Tigers Be Still, a comedy. Whether comedy and meshing are related is unknown. I have contacted the theater company for insight.


Bonus: How chilling with Brian Eno Changed the Way I Study Physics. Excerpted from the Jazz of Physics, it’s another example of how the arts and sciences are more alike than different. Eno’s music has always been of part of my listening repertoire. Example: Eno and Budd’s 1980 masterpiece, Ambient 2.

Today’s post was more complex to write than normal because Chrome decided to re-organize my bookmarks for me. Thanks, Google! Granted, I probably have a few more bookmarks than the typical web browser, but still.

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2 Responses to This Week in CFD

  1. jstults says:

    I didn’t find the snake aero reproducibility paper very compelling. It seems like the reproducibility folks are ignoring the VV&UQ folks.

    • John Chawner says:

      You know, you’re the second person to mention UQ today. That must be some kind of trend.

      Certainly there’s crossover between reproducibility and UQ. Because UQ is relatively new to computational sciences, I’m betting that people have varying expectations about their ability to reproduce a computation to a certain level of accuracy and whether that level falls into UQ or whether it’s indicative of something fundamentally lacking.

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