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Connector creation and manipulation is one of the most important, but tedious, tasks when creating multiblock structured topologies. You may find yourself repeatedly copying and pasting the same connector to construct a wireframe that defines the blocking strategy in a particular region of the mesh. An example of this is a quarter O-H topology often used when meshing a fillet as illustrated in the image above.

When meshing something like a fillet, you may already have domains defined at either end of the geometry and would simply like to connect them using a connector that retains the same basic shape and distribution as an existing connector. To do this you first select a connector, copy it, paste it, and then translate it to a new position. Once the translation has been applied, a second transformation is necessary to constrain the opposite end of the connector. This is accomplished by scaling the connector that was just translated so that it is positioned between two points. At the end you have squeezed a new, similar connector between two new points.

The SqueezeCon.glf script automatically copies and scales a connector to fit between two points reducing the multistep transformation process described above down to a single step. Simply select a connector, execute the script, and select the two points you would like to use as the end points of the new connector. The video below demonstrates how to use this script when creating a quarter O-H topology for a fillet.

To download this script directly, you can use this link. If you would like to visit the repository on GitHub, then please visit

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