8 Reasons to Attend the Pointwise User Group Meeting


1. Be The First to Learn The New Stuff

The Pointwise User Group Meeting 2016 will be your first opportunity to spend a day learning about all the new capabilities coming to Pointwise Version 18. The entire first day of the meeting is devoted to hands-on seminars in which you will learn how to:

  • Reduce your cell count and increase cell quality with quad-dominant surface meshing.ugm16-drivaer-source
  • Generate viscous-resolving layers of unstructured hex layers using T-Rex.
  • Quickly create cylinders, boxes, spheres, and other primitives using the new Draw Shapes capability.
  • Control clustering of your isotropic tet mesh using sources.
  • Take full advantage of all the new UX enhancements.

2. See How Your Peers Are Using Pointwise for Their CFD

The second day of the Pointwise UGM 2016 is devoted to user presentations on how they take full advantage of Pointwise meshes for their CFD simulations and other more exotic purposes.

  • Design and optimization of surfboards
  • Use of meshes for 3D printing on an architectural scale
  • Meshing automation with Glyph scripting – including work on a Python wrapper
  • V8 supercar design
  • and more

3. Be Astounded by the Candidates for The Meshy Award

The Meshy Award competitions attracts some of the best meshes from around the globe and this event is no exception.

Check out this year’s finalists in our Facebook Photo Album and let us know which one you think is the best.


And then join us on social media for the announcement of the winner.

4. Talk CFD with our Partners

Believe it or not, meshing is not an end unto itself. Your CFD toolset needs complementary products for an effective workflow. You’ll have plenty of time during the Pointwise UGM 2016 to meet and talk in detail with some of our partners about their solutions.

  • Intelligent Light
  • Metacomp Technologies
  • Optimal Solutions
  • Tecplot

5. Come Because Monica Says So

In writing about SolidWorks World 2013, Monica Schnitger eloquently made the case for attending software user events. Let me quote her directly:

“Do it. Even if you’re not a joiner, go. Even if you don’t think you have anything to offer (you’re dead wrong, you do), go. Even if you didn’t organize it, go. Trust me. It’s very rarely not worth the effort and often you get out far more than you put in.”

You can read the rest of her words in The Power of Community.

6. Did I Mention It’s Free?

We don’t charge a fee for attending the Pointwise User Group Meeting. So that’s one less thing you have to justify to your boss. All we ask is that you register in advance.

  1. Register today.
  2. Book your hotel tomorrow.

7. Enjoy Some Texas Hospitality

Fort Worth in late September is a wonderful place to visit. Average temperatures range from 67 F for the low to 87 F for the high. Downtown Fort Worth, where the Pointwise UGM will be held, was recently named the best downtown in the country. And you get two parties: a welcome reception the first night and an after-party on the second night.

8. Get a Glimpse of What’s Planned for the Future

You’ll have the opportunity to hear several presentations from us at Pointwise not only on the current state of the CFD world and what we’re doing today, but where we see CFD and meshing going in the future. We’ll talk about how our vision may manifest itself in our products, solutions, and services.

[Plus you never know what dang foolish thing I’m going to say so there will be plenty of opportunities for this.]

Hope to see you here in Fort Worth next month.


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