This Is How I Glyph – Dimension Connectors From Spacings


When using 2-D T-Rex in Pointwise to resolve highly curved surfaces with anisotropic triangles—the leading edge of a wing section for example—it’s usually recommended to keep the aspect ratio of these anisotropic triangles within some limit.  We recommend an aspect ratio between 10 and 20 for most applications.  To control the aspect ratio, either the initial spacing used by 2-D T-Rex can be changed, or the spacing between grid points along the wall type connectors can be adjusted.  There are a few different ways to arrive at such a distribution of points along these connectors in Pointwise.  The DimensionConFromSpacings.glf Glyph script provides one way to help users arrive at just such a distribution of grid points using the default hyperbolic tangent distribution type along a set of connectors.

The DimensionConFromSpacings.glf Glyph script provides users with a Tk based interface with entry fields where users can specify beginning and ending spacing values in addition to a maximum allowable spacing between grid points for a set of connectors.  Users first select connectors that they wish to dimension, provide requisite spacing parameters, and the script uses this information in conjunction with the length of each connector to iterate upon the number of grid points that meets the prescribed spacing constraints.  Once determined, each connector is dimensioned with the beginning and ending spacing parameters applied accordingly.  Users can also acquire the initial, ending, and max grid point spacing values from existing dimensioned connectors to use in dimensioning new connectors using the same set of parameters.

The DimensionConFromSpacings.glf is available at the project’s repository hosted on GitHub.  You can use this link to download the script directly.

If you have an idea for a new Glyph script, and you would like to learn more about how to get started, then contact us via the comments section below or contact @Pointwise on Twitter.  We’re also interested in learning more about the Glyph scripts our users have created.  Get in touch with us if you would like to share and have your script highlighted here on Another Fine Mesh.

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