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Drilling down the grid hierarchy and working directly with connectors is a surefire way to achieve the control you desire while meshing with Pointwise. A connector’s grid point distribution and dimension propagate through a multiblock structured grid system and are used to initialize an unstructured mesh. While working with connectors you may find that splitting them unlocks a new topology or a clever way to distribute and cluster points. Splitting one connector at a time is fine, but it can become increasingly onerous when splitting more than one. Glyph to the rescue!

There exists a Glyph script that allows you to split multiple connectors simultaneously. ConSplitIntoN.glf starts by prompting users to select all of the connectors to be split. A Tk window opens and asks users to enter the number of equal length segments preferred for each connector. As the script runs, it retrieves the arc length at every split location for each connector, splits the connectors, and then redistributes the grid points as necessary so that each connector ends up with approximately the same number of points. The following video demonstrates the process using a collection of connectors.

To download this script directly, you can use this link. If you would like to visit the repository on GitHub, then please visit

Do you have an idea or a Glyph script you’ve written that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @Pointwise.

Happy scripting!

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