This Week in CFD

*** Lucky Friday the 13th Edition ***


  • Tecplot released Tecplot 360 2017 for CFD visualization including a Python API. You can read more about PyTecplot on the company’s blog.
  • OpenVSP 3.10.0, the parametric aircraft geometry tool, was released.

Screen shot of a video introduction to Tecplot 360 2017. See link above.

Looking Back

  • Did you know the FYFD blog was in the New York Times last year? Learn more and see the top posts of 2016 [and maybe consider helping FYFD by becoming a patron].
  • Speaking of 2016 wrap-ups, read on CFD and others… how a military coup and CFD interacted.
  •’s top articles of 2016 includes an overview of simulation technology.
  • Symscape shares 2016’s lessons in CFD.
  • If you, like me, have gotten behind on the Talking CFD podcast, now is the time to get caught up. You’ll hear from Sandip Jadhav (CCTech), Robin Bornoff (Mentor Graphics), Mark Seymour (Future Facilities), Darrin Stephens & Chris Sideroff (Caelus), Franjo Juretic (Creative Fields), Nicolas Tonello (Renuda), and Kelly Senecal (Convergent Science).

A neural network learns how to do fluid simulations. video

Events & More

Twisty Passages

The creators of the text-based game Adventure [that reference should give you a clue to my advanced age] probably didn’t have structured grids mind when they wrote the line “you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike” but when you’ve generated as many structured grids as I have your dreams often look like the work of Peter Kogler.

As first seen by me on Colossal, Kogler’s installations would be perfect for the hallways of any CFD or mesh generation company’s headquarters.


Peter Kogler, DIRIMART Gallery, Instanbul, 2011. Image from Colossal. See link above.

Bonus: “The hegemony of English-language science…

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