This Week in CFD

All About MSC

  • The big news in the CAE business this week is MSC Software’s acquisition by Hexagon AB for US$834 million. MSC is one of the most storied names in the CAE business making its future very significant for the industry.
    • From MSC Software themselves.
    • Monica Schnitger thinks “it’s a perfect match.”  She also reports from MSC that “No change to MSC’s current product roadmap are planned.”
    • From DEVELOP3D: MSC helps Hexagon achieve their “smart connected factory vision in discrete manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace”

Software & Meshes

  • ANSYS 18 was launched and includes ANSYS CFD Enterprise which itself includes all CFD solvers, several specialized solvers, geometry, meshing, and optimization. (See image below.)
  • Some thoughts from SIMULIA on democratization of simulation.
  • ANSYS also weighs in on democratization in including 5 tips for choosing the right CFD software. #3 Are numerous training materials available live and online?
  • SimScale shares news about recent updates including a mesh quality report.
  • The EnSight blog features an article on mesh quality [one of my favorite topics].
  • If you want to learn more about Femap, here’s a collection of Femap basic videos.
  • Very cool [but very brief] article from 3D Systems about 3D scanning the Apollo F-1 engine. [Click the link just to see the pictures.]

Screen capture from a video illustration of harmonic CFD analysis now available in ANSYS 18. See link above.

Applications & Events


Optimized spillway design as simulated in FLOW-3D. Image from Flow Science. [Another beautiful CFD image.]


STAR-CCM+ simulation of blood flow. Image from a Siemens PLM article on use of simulation in medical clinical trials. [I fell in love with this image the moment I saw it.]

Order from Chaos (via Oaths)

From the title of her work shown below (Before After Oaths Gray 4), I can only assume that Marjorie Welish has generated meshes. Because when I get a mesh like the right half of her painting there are a lot of oaths uttered before I can get it into the form on the left.


Marjorie Welish, Before After Oaths Gray 4, 2013

As originally seen on Art News, this painting is from the artist’s exhibition at ART 3 Gallery in Brooklyn. I urge my friends in the NYC area to visit before the exhibition closes on 05 February. Failing that, explore the artist’s website to see these works, her Mondrian-esque paintings, and more.

Bonus: Pointwise is now on Instagram.

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