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Example of hex meshing of runners in Moldex3D R 15.0. Image from Moldex3D. See link below.

  • Moldex3D R 15.0 was released with new meshing capabilities (including automatic hex meshing for runners), a streamlined workflow, updated physical models, and more.
  • NASA’s Software Catalog has been updated to the 2017-2018 version and includes free and other-than-free software, a lot in CFD. A simple search for “CFD” yielded 35 results.
    • New to me is GFSSP, the Generalized Fluid System Simulation Program.
  • simFlow 3.1 was released. This OpenFOAM-based CFD solver is available for Windows and Linux in both free and commercial versions. This new version includes new HPC capabilities and new physical models.
  • Animated stream lines are coming in ParaView 5.3.
  • Beta CAE released v17.1.0 of their software suite.
  • Altair released HyperWorks 2017, their “platform for innovation.” New capabilities in this software are too numerous to mention so I’ll focus on one: an improved shrink-wrap mesher for CFD. See image below.

HyperMesh 2017 includes an improved shrink-wrap mesher for CFD. Image from Altair. See link above.


Art of the Grid

Without preamble, here’s a grid-like painting by Dan Walsh. The more I search, the more grid/mesh motifs I can find in painting. [So much for no preamble.]


Dan Walsh, Landing, 2010. Image from Paula Cooper Gallery. See link above.

Bonus: MIT Technology Review’s 10 breakthrough technologies for 2017 [mesh generation not included] does include “Botnets of Things,” the eyepatch-wearing evil twin of the Internet of Things.

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