This Week in CFD


  • Kitware released ParaView 5.3.0 with support for multiple core computers, improved rendering, and more.
  • Elysium will be providing a CAD translation and healing solution to Lemma for the latter’s use in their CAE preprocessing.
  • Spatial has added Distene’s tet mesher to their suite of 3-D modeling components.
  • CHAM announced the commercial release of RhinoCFD, a CFD plugin for the Rhino 3-D modeler.
  • PyFR 1.6.0 was released with incompressible solvers and more.
  • NOGRID points 6.2.0 was released. This CFD solver is based on the finite pointset method and does not require a grid. [You don’t know how hard it was for me to type that 😉]

STAR-CCM+ v12.02 promises easier fuel cell modeling as described in this preview. Image from Siemens PLM Software.

Applications & Events & News &…

  • This year’s HPC User Forum will be held 17-19 April in Santa Fe.
  • The 2017 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference will be held 19-21 September in Santa Fe. Abstracts are due August 4th.
  • RealFlow users will like this list of ways to accelerate their simulations.
  • Totalsim has been awarded a grant to develop a web-based application for aerodynamic simulation of ground vehicles.
  • Congratulations to MSC Software’s Marc, NASA Tech Briefs’ 2016 Reader’s Choice Product of the Year.

Wilson LABS uses Altair’s CFD suite (including AcuFieldView) to fine tune the aerodynamic performance of their sporting goods. Screen shot of Wilson LABS’ video.

Confrontational Mesh

I have to admit that artist Jeremy Moon‘s body of work includes paintings that are much “meshier” than the sculpture I’ve included below. But there’s something about 3D 1 72 that is very confrontational, that forces you to reckon with it even if that means just figuring out how to walk around it. And unlike a “meshy” painting, this work raises the issue of duality; is it one piece or many?

Jeremy MoonUntitled, 1972 (No. 3D1/72) Oil on wood 2-3/4" x 8' x 11' inches

Jeremy Moon, 3D 1 72, 1972. Image from artist’s website. See link above.

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