Flow Viz Event at AIAA Aviation

If you are presenting a CFD paper at AIAA Aviation (June in Denver), I encourage you to also enter the 2nd Bi-Annual FDTC/MSTC Flow Visualization Event. The message below comes directly from the event organizers.

Congratulations on having your paper accepted to 2017 AIAA Aviation Forum. In addition to presenting in your assigned session, we would like to extend you the opportunity of participating in the 2nd bi-annual FDTC/MSTC Flow Visualization Event.

The FDTC/MSTC Flow Visualization Event provides you the opportunity to showcase fluid-dynamic visualizations that support a technical concept that are typically too long to include in your presentation. The flow visualization presented should enhance the understanding of the accompanying technical paper; they may be the visualizations you created to complete your analysis.

The Flow Visualization Event will be held during the afternoon session on Tuesday, June 6th most likely in the foyer area outside the exhibit hall. 10 visualizations will be shown during each of the 30 minute time slots assigned. We will be providing large monitors; you will need to provide your own computer. While your visualization can last the entire time slot, we are recommending that it be approximately 3 minutes in length and be run on a loop. We are asking that you be present during your time slot to answer any questions that may arise. Our committee will be sure to de-conflict animation and presentation time slots.

At the conclusion of the event, awards will be presented for:

  1. Most Artistic Flow Visualization Animation Award
  2. Most Quantitatively Descriptive Flow Visualization Animation Award
  3. Most Comprehensive Flow Visualization Animation Award

If you are one of the three winners, your visualization will be displayed on a monitor in the exhibit hall for the remaining time that the exhibition hall is open. The visualization that you provide the committee for display should be approximately 3 minutes in length. As the three winning visualizations will be run on a continuous loop, we will need the visualization on either a thumb drive or CD/DVD for transfer to a single computer.

Please respond to this e-mail no later than April 21 [see email addresses below] to advise us as to whether or not you are interested in participating in the FDTC/MSTC Flow Visualization Event. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other Visualization Event committee members.


Sidra Silton
FDTC/MSTC Flow Visualization Event Chair FDTC Secretary

Other Committee Contacts:

Haoxiang Luo, haoxiang.luo@vanderbilt.edu
David Kao, David.L.Kao@nasa.gov
Kevin Colburn, kevin@ensight.com

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